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10 Most Insane Shipping Container Homes In The World

Have you ever dreamed of living in a shipping container home? Millions of people have the same dream, and thousands of them have acted on it. Recycled and new shipping containers represent a new era in homebuilding. Up to now, the many shipping container homes across the globe are proof that the trend is just…

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Walking Outside to My Oasis Or Buying a Shipping Container Pool

shipping container pool

Is a Personal Oasis Just a Fantasy? Have you ever fantasized about waking up to a personal oasis? Have you ever felt as if you deserved daily vacations? It’s easy to believe that such ideas are irrational. Let’s be honest…To walk outside of your home each day to your own oasis takes a healthy sense…

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RoxBox Containers at Denver Startup Week 2019

denver startup week 2019

For the eighth year in a row, Denver Startup Week was a massive hit with the public and the companies that took part. Everyone came away with a newfound respect for the huge growth of Denver as a startup hub for local, national and international companies. The 2019 event, which ran from Sept. 16-20, featured…

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