Pick Your Shipping Container Modifications

A handshake means something to us, we craft your build the same as we would if we were building it for ourselves. Choose your desired shipping container modifications and we’ll create what you exactly want.


Doors, Windows & Skylights

Security & Personnel Doors
Sliding Glass Doors
Standard and Security Windows

Roll-up Doors / Garage Doors

Manual Roll-Up Doors
Motorized Garage Doors
Sliding Barn Doors

Awnings/Deck Systems/Roofs

Container Awnings and Windows
Rooftop Deck Systems
Container Roofing

General Construction

HVAC Systems

Standard & Mini Split Ductless AC/Heat Systems
Refrigeration and Freezer Systems
Spray Foam Insulation


Sinks and Showers
Off-Grid Water Systems
Tankless Water Heaters


Interior/Exterior Solutions
On or Off-Grid
Generator Applications

If there is a way for a container to be modified, we can do it

Do you need any more advanced shipping container modifications?

We've got you covered, contact us and we'll find your perfect build.

How we do it

RoxBox specializes in creating functional, secure environments for unlimited applications. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our team has over 15 years of experience modifying containers into everything from mobile technology centers to tap rooms and beyond.


Want a multi-story house with a pool, an office building, extra storage? We can do that! Our builds are less costly and 30-50% faster than traditional construction. We can work on the shipping container modifications while you’re still prepping the drop site. Our architects work directly with you to create the perfect solution for your needs.

Eco-Friendly Container Modifications

Upcycling a shipping container is not only practical and inexpensive it’s green. The main energy expended to upcycle a shipping container is reimagining its use. Containers are highly efficient systems, saving you tons of money on heating and cooling.


We use Johns Mansville closed cell spray foam in all of our insulated builds to proved the highest level of insulation. You can be confident that your custom container will reduce your carbon footprint and save the energy used to create a traditional structure. When you buy a modified container everyone wins.

DIYers love us! We will build out your shipping container to the level of finish that works best for you. We can stop at any point in the build, just a shell, framed, insulated and walled, something else?


Our expert team will work with you to help determine where to stop and your new build will be ready for you to complete.

Save with Modified Containers

We save you money and time while delivering outstanding custom structures. We can combine any number of containers in any configuration desired. Unmodified containers stack up to 12 high on cargo ships.


Dream big or small. Perfect for on and off the grid locations.

Shipping Container Modifications with Guarantee

Our modified containers have a one year construction warranty and no leak guaranty. We strive to make everything perfect but if for some reason it wasn’t, we’ll fix it at no cost to you. We are dedicated to giving a helping hand in all of your future container projects. If your container leaks in the first year, we will send someone onsite to fix it at our expense.


We are dedicated to customer service, we want to have long relationships with our customers.