RoxBox Teams With RK Mission Critical To Build Innovative Containerized Modular Solutions

RoxBox Teams With RK Mission Critical To Build Containerized
Modular Solutions 
Denver, Colorado, August 24, 2020  RoxBox, a Top 100 Colorado Manufacturer, is proud to announce a teaming agreement with RK Mission Critical, LLC., (RKMC), one of the nation’s fastest-growing modular solutions providers to provide a full range of containerized solutions. RoxBox and RKMC create a formidable team to create, design, manufacture, and deploy container-based modular solutions on an international basis. “Teaming with RKMC is a huge opportunity for RoxBox to grow our business in the modular space with one of the largest and most innovative Colorado manufacturers. Our organizations are very well aligned to assist each other in many industries including data, disaster relief, commercial, and a soon to be announced single and multi-family residential line,” said Anthony Halsch, CEO of RoxBox. “We’ve created a Covid-19 Crisis Management Team to design and deploy ICU-grade hospital containers, both domestically and internationally, to help solve capacity issues. These modular healthcare units can be immediately deployed for decades in response to any future disaster relief situations, eliminating the need to rent large convention centers that go unused.”  RKMC provides RoxBox the ability to scale and supports a product roll out on a national and international level, where the use of a standard container is preferred due to their simple design, durability, low cost, sustainability, and ease of shipping.  The partnership solidifies an ongoing relationship that allows the team to broaden its capability for delivering higher volume projects at accelerated delivery times associated with our customers’ off-site manufactured products. RoxBox is RK Mission Critical’s exclusive partner on the delivery of container-based solutions. “We’re very excited to further our relationship with RKMC to continue to deliver high-quality containerized solutions for our clients,” states Halsch.