20’ Shipping Container For Sale



20’ Shipping Container is the ideal choice for small jobs or tight spaces, but just as sturdy.

Great for small storage, and can fit in tighter urban & residential spaces.

You can order a new 20’ Shipping Container as well as a used shipping container.

All our containers are guaranteed Wind and Weather Tight, Cargo Worthy

We do not work with baseline containers.

We have a 1 year No Leak Guarantee. If a leak is detected, we will ship you a patch for free anywhere in the US.

Choose the options for your Containers

20' containers need 60ft of clearance to drop off the container.

Technical Details

Sizes - 20’x8’x8.6’

Used shipping containers - Mid & Top Grade

New shipping containers - One Trip

Inside Dimensions

Length - 19'3" Width-7'7" Height-7'8"

Door Opening - Width-7'6" Height- 7'4"


Tare Weight - 4,740 LBS

Max Payload - 62,460 LBS

Internal Capacity - 1,173 Cubic feet

Place of Origin

Denver, CO

Time to Delivery

Minimum Time of a Week for Delivery

* All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

The 3 steps to Shipping Container Delivery

Step #1

Choose the right container size for your specific needs

Choose from three container sizes based on your needs. We offer units from 160 square feet of floor space to longer units of varying heights that have 320 square feet of floor space. Whether you need space for cargo, standard storage, housing, or anything else, one of our containers will get the job done.

Step #2

Decide on the grade of the container you want

Our clients all have different needs. Some want a used container for outdoor use and don't care about looks. Others want remote storage units that come with an average amount of wear and tear. Containers with minimal use are some of our best sellers among customers who use them for job-site offices, micro-homes, upscale storage units, and more.


The point is: it's all up to you. Look at the units, compare prices, think about what you'll be using the container for, and then take your pick. It's that easy.


Any container you order is guaranteed for one year to be fully water-tight and completely wind-proof. If you notice air or water getting into the container, simply call us, and we'll send you high-quality patches to fix it at no cost to you. That's what our dedication to customer satisfaction is all about. Our guarantee is also air-tight, which is why so many of our clients keep coming back.

Step #3

Have your container delivered directly to your location

At RoxBox, we take shipping container delivery seriously. Until the unit is in your location and under your control, we treat it as the highly valuable cargo that it is.


We pride ourselves in precise, on-time, friendly delivery. Our drivers care about your cargo as much as you do.



  • Make sure the delivery area is free from any debris or objects before your shipping box is delivered.
  • To ensure correct delivery, our drivers need 120 feet of cleared space for a 40-foot shipping container and 80 feet of space for a 20-foot shipping container.
  • Our drivers use a slider to slide the containers out of the truck and position them exactly where you want them. To ensure the door of the container opens in the correct position, make sure to select the right door orientation in the dropdown menu.