Now on Tap: RoxBox BeerCan Brings the Container Bar Trend to Life

Two Parts Events – BeerCan Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO

Meet The BeerCan Container Bar

RoxBox is reimagining the classic bar and beer garden to create an immersive drinking experience. Today’s crowd wants unique brews and they want their drinking experiences to be just that: experiences. How do you get the edge you need to pull in customers? How do you address COVID concerns and create an outdoor bar experience?

Sometimes the best way to think outside the box is to transform the box itself. That’s what BeerCan is all about: a pioneering shipping container bar that’s been refined over the past 3 years to create a badass and efficient bar.

The Benefits of an Awesome Container Bar

No matter what event you have on the horizon – or if you’re looking for a turn-key beer garden solution for your brewery, bar, or restaurant – a great CONEX bar has everything you need to make it a success, starting with a few top benefits.

1. Options Galore

It doesn’t get much more customizable than the BeerCan. You can take the container bar anywhere. You can install it in almost any location. Its cooling system will work with either grid-connected power, solar power, or a generator.

From multiple serving windows, sinks, multiple containers for a custom layout, speakers, TVs, different bar tops and barbacks, and painted or branded to your preference  – there are numerous options that RoxBox can build to create your own custom shipping container bar.

No container bar is complete without the optional rooftop deck for a VIP area or to set-up a socially distant DJ or band.

You can also easily add-in the ability to serve liquor to create a full-service shipping container bar. And with multiple serving windows, this container bar creates efficiencies to allow you to serve hundreds of guests per hour.

Two Parts Events – BeerCan Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO
Two Parts Events – BeerCan Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO

2. Attention-Grabbing Designs

If you’re heading to a festival or another big event, chances are that you’ll be one of the dozens of beer options for customers to choose from. Gone are the days of warm beer with copious foam out of a jockey box. The BeerCan is the perfect way to stand out among all the lowly tents and coolers. Customers will happily pass up a foamy beer from a tub of ice for your tap-fresh brews. 

Two Parts Events- BeerCan Denver, CO

3. Built-in Walk-in Cooler

If you’re selling beer out of a tent, ice is just about your only way to keep it cool. It’s heavy and messy and it takes up way too much space.

BeerCan’s proprietary self-cooling capabilities let you skip all that hassle. No more ice or jockey-boxes. Just perfectly chilled beer on tap in your own shipping container taproom w/ your preferred size walk-in cooler keeping your beer and booze at whatever temperature you desire.

Combine the sustainable methodology of the upcycled shipping container with our patent-pending solar-powered refrigeration system to create an off-grid and fully sustainable bar like no-one has ever seen or experienced.

4. Proven ROI

With enough thirsty patrons, the BeerCan generates sales within days that covers the cost of the unit. Social distancing orders have forced many to reimagine the guest experience and move them outside so take advantage of this change and create significant revenue in your parking lot, unused land, or backlot.

An experience in and of itself, this shipping container bar creates engaged guests that will make your brand the talk of the town (and social media). Set-up Beer Pong on your roof-top deck and watch as guests create viral content around your custom shipping container bar.


Joyride Brewing Company was able to sell through over 60 kegs for a whopping $55,000 worth of beer in only 6 hours with nearly zero waste using the extremely efficient BeerCan container bar. They paid for the cost of their bar with one event!

JoyRide Brewing- BeerCan Edgewater, CO

Taking the Container Bar Trend to Your Customers

If you’re looking for a new way to make your next event easier and more successful, it doesn’t get better than the BeerCan container bar. For breweries, bars, and restaurants looking at establishing an outdoor drinking area or beer garden, there’s no better solution than an innovative and sustainable shipping container bar from RoxBox Containers. To get the details for yourself, get a free quote for a BeerCan of your own or check out our rental options.

RoxBox understands that working in the bar, restaurant, and brewery industry is especially difficult in a pandemic and we want to help… Therefore, until this pandemic shit is over, we’re offering $1,000 off a BeerCan purchase and 15% off a BeerCan rental.

We hope the BeerCan can help you move more booze and make you more revenue in these tough times.

$1000 off if you order a BeerCan before the end of 2020!