Meet HELIOS The Solar Powered Shipping Container Line By ROXBOX



ROXBOX Containers is excited to announce a new line of solar infrastructure containers with our Australian partners, BlackStump Technologies. Our initial focus is on solar cold storage and deployable energy. HELIOS the Greek God and personification of the sun has the opportunity to lead the U.S market in solar containerized solutions. BlackStump will continue to innovate and create solar solutions with shipping containers for infrastructure. ROXBOX, with the creation of the HELIOS line, will be the manufacturer and distributor of the BlackStump suite of products in the U.S. Our partnership seeks to optimize solar containerized solutions in the U.S while helping our customers reduce their carbon emissions and reliance on diesel generators. ROXBOX and the HELIOS line will continue to strive to implement sustainability into all of our products and operations. We believe in environmental quality, clean air, natural resources, a nontoxic environment, and a healthy ecosystem. 

This partnership is years in the making and has come to fruition because of our drive to always provide our customers with the best solutions possible. Over the last few years, ROXBOX has been building refrigerated containers for a local food share and community access nonprofit organization. Early on we encountered three major problems with the grid-tied containers that we were building;

  1. Pulling power from the local site to the container at most locations was very costly and time-consuming.
  2. Once power got to the container, energy from the grid was mostly from fossil fuels which are bad for the environment.
  3. Alternatively, when powered by costly diesel generators the containerized refrigerators had a poor ROI and failed to address environmental impact concerns.

After encountering problems with power and sustainability we realized there had to be a better clean energy solution, so we started to research what was out in the market or determine if we could develop a better solution ourselves. After months of searching and much to our elation, we found BlackStump Technologies in Australia. Their technology suite is far superior to anything else currently on the market, and their technology is proven in some of the harshest environments in the world. The Australian expression ‘Beyond the Black Stump’ means it is an extremely isolated place, remote from populated areas; in the middle of nowhere. This is a perfect name because the technology developed by their parent company Heuch works off-grid in places that you could otherwise never get power. Heuch has engineered refrigeration and environmental controls since 1970. These technology solutions enable us to provide rapidly deployable shipping container solutions to help solve the issues of energy, refrigeration, clean water, food hygiene, sanitation, medical storage, and cold-supply-chain.

HELIOSBOX Solar Refrigerator
HELIOSBOX Solar Refrigerator


BlackStump is supported by its international distribution and manufacturing partners to help reduce global carbon emissions via its solar containerized technology suite. ROXBOX has entered a licensing agreement for the manufacturing and distribution of BlackStump products in the U.S market. This allows both of our organizations to do what we do best; it allows BlackStump to continue to create and innovate rapidly deployable solar containers, and it allows our team to do what we do best to manufacture innovative, high-quality containers that solve problems. With over two decades of experience in the shipping container industry, ROXBOX has become the subject matter experts in developing creative solutions for the nation’s modular needs. Our dedication to product development and innovation has resulted in broad product lines ranging from mobile infrastructure, off-grid disaster relief, and mobile healthcare facilities. We look forward to working hard to become the leading solution for solar deployable energy and solar cold storage in the U.S.


Purpose is to improve the circumstances of individuals, communities, and organizations through the provision of our solar-powered refrigeration and energy technologies which can be rapidly deployed in remote, off-grid, and urban environments.

Black Stump Technologies mobile solutions assist companies to lessen their environmental impact, empower individuals and communities to change their economic and social circumstances, and support organizations seeking to support people in times of their greatest need. Our technology solutions enable us to provide rapidly deployable solutions to the issues of energy, refrigeration, clean water, food hygiene, sanitation, medical storage, and cold-supply-chain. Black Stump Technologies’ mission is to provide 100% solar-powered mobile refrigeration and energy technologies. Rapidly deployed, not only to urban locations but beyond the black stump to remote areas that may not be easily accessible.



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Product Launch

Exciting things to look out for with the launch of the HELIOS line!

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