High Cube Shipping Container For Public Consumption Cannabis

RoxBox Containers and Modifications just finalized a new innovative project, called The HTBX. We used a high cube shipping container so that this space meets all necessary standards, and complies with all regulatory codes. The HTBX is the first ever public consumption container for cannabis. Our build is made from a 20’ high cube shipping container that features a fold down deck and sliding extension, which turns a normal 150 square foot space into a 320 square foot space.  HTBX Solutions are made from upcycled high cube shipping containers: an eco-friendly option that limits the impact on natural resources. The HTBX has officially set the standard for future public cannabis consumption around the world. Our product is a fully customized container; the first to kickoff a global movement.


We are excited to introduce The HTBX.
HTBX International, started by John McCaskill, is the pioneer of global public consumption of cannabis. With the expanding legalization of cannabis across the United States, there are plenty of platforms for people to grow and purchase cannabis. But only in the privacy of their own homes or facilities can individuals consume cannabis. The HTBX takes what has been an exclusively private activity, into an enjoyable social setting, such as bars or concerts.


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