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Modular containers with customizable design

We’re here to help you get in front of your customers faster!  Our architects are not only skilled and experienced, but also genuinely creative, and innovative when it comes to the shipping container architecture. Our thirst for the unique design, with an eco-friendly approach, is what makes our work outstanding, and our clients happy.

RoxBox is the industry leader in shipping container solutions.

Get the shipping container you need in the timeframe you want. We strive to deliver the best customer experience. Whether you need a basic storage solution for home, a multi-level container office, or a mobile taproom, we're the perfect team for you. With new and used shipping containers for sale, we have the right storage solution for you. Call a RoxBox representative today for more info!

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Modular Construction Specialists At Your Service

For all of our modular shipping containers, the builds take place completely off-site. This makes our builds less costly and 30-50% faster than traditional construction because construction can occur simultaneously with all other site foundation work. In addition, all of our modular buildings are constructed with the same materials, codes, and standards that are implemented with traditional construction - with a lower cost and time frame. The factory controlled setting of modular construction produces far less waste and more opportunity for reuse. In the end, we save you money and time while delivering outstanding custom modular constructions.


Leave the work to our construction specialists. Our work is greener, faster, and smarter.


Our Shipping Containers

40' storage containers for sale
40' Storage Containers

Enjoy plenty of interior space for cargo, storage, housing, and more.

Exterior Height: 8′ 6″
Exterior Length: 40′
Interior Floor Space: 320 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 8,160 lbs
40' HC Container

Add some more headroom to an already massive storage space.

Exterior Height: 9′ 6″
Exterior Length: 40′
Interior Floor Space: 320 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 8,750 lbs.
20' storage containers for sale
20' Storage Containers

The ideal choice for small jobs or tight spaces, but just as sturdy.

Exterior Height: 8′ 6′
Exterior Length: 20′
Interior Floor Space: 160 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 4,916 lbs.

Shipping Container Construction with Guarantee

Our modular containers have a one year construction warranty and no leak guarantee. In case there's any problem with the modification, we’ll fix it at no cost to you. We are dedicated to giving a helping hand in all of your future container projects. If your container leaks in the first year, we will send someone onsite to fix it at our expense.


We focus on giving our clients the best customer service for their new and used shipping container solutions. Our number one goal is to keep you happy, so you choose us as your strategic partner for your shipping container needs or any container solution possible.


If there is a way for a container to be modified, we can do it!

Our Certifications

colorado department of local affairs

Here’s Why You Should Choose Modular Construction


Modular builds are the turn-key solution in construction. From a relocatable build to fulfill it’s purpose no matter the place, or a permanent build that is faster and more efficient than your traditional construction we have the architects to bring your vision to life.


Due to the off-site nature of modular construction there is a guarantee that less waste is generated and you can be confident that your project is following eco-friendly practices from start to finish.


Whether you need extra space for your office or a portable bar or foodtruck to be more accessible to your customers, the customizable nature of modular constructions ensures all of your requirements are met. 

Do you need something we didn't mention?

We've got you covered, contact us and we'll find your perfect build.

Customer Reviews

Anthony was very responsive again; Zach was great to work with and found me the specific box I requested and an extra shout out to their delivery driver Gary, from Marv's Towing, for going above and beyond to place the container exactly as requested, in a difficult location.

- Mike Early

Great customer service, delivered on time as promised, which was critical for me!!

- Terry Campbell

Great customer service and communication. Delivery was excellent! Thank you

- BackhoeEx Mac

This company was great! We ordered 2 large shipping containers and all the paperwork went very smoothly. They kept us informed during the process and confirmed twice that we would have enough room to accept delivery so there were no surprises. Definitely 5 stars!

- Pivot Door Company