Medical Containers


RK Mission Critical Disaster Response Team

RoxBox has teamed up with RK Mission Critical, TrenorHLMartin/Martin, and Cator Ruma to build Offsite- Manufactured Health Care Facilities out of repurposed shipping containers. This multi-organizational endeavor extends assistance in building infrastructure required to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Modular shipping container units can be rapidly deployed, provide more durability and weather protection than tents, and 24/7 conditioned rooms in a cleanroom environment up to the current Health Code.


  • Mobile medical support in a cleanroom environment
  • Secure, durable, and mobile
  • Powered by generator, grid-tied, or solar-powered
  • Climate controlled
  • Space flexibility for configuration needs 20 & 40-foot container availability
  • Mobile testing can travel with infection cluster
  • Efficient setup and take-down, off/on the truck and set up in minutes
  • Secure, 24/7 conditioned rooms


  • Modular and Temporary Buildings
  • Triage/Exam/Infusion/Treatment Buildings/Screenings
  • Modular and Mobile Laboratories
  • Patient/Quarantine/Isolation Rooms
  • Waste Collection/Removal Rooms
  • Modular Auxiliary Support Buildings
  • Drive-up/Drive-thru Shelters and Buildings
  • Medical Supply and Support
  • Bathhouse and Restroom Facility
  • Off-grid Solar Cold Storage
  • Grid-tied Cold Storage Food Distribution

Immediate Needs

Triage / Exam / Infusion / Treatment rooms
Testing facilities / Laboratories
Patient / Quarantine / Isolation rooms
Surge space for non- critical care patients

Short to Medium Term Needs

ICU Rooms
Supplemental care facilities

Longer Terms Needs

ICU patient rooms
Non-critical care facilities
Permanent housing

We would like to do our part.

Our Crisis Management Team has specialized knowledge in the container and modular construction industry and we are willing to allocate our many resources to assist in this crisis.

Please let us know if you think this would be a viable option for your city or organization.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our solutions further!