Conex Box Confined Space Training Simulator For Sendrex

RoxBox Containers and Modifications used 20' High Cube shipping container to create and build a confined space training simulator for a 9/11 veteran George Rex. He will use it for his training business, Sendrex.   Sendrex is a Denver based training center for all types of confined space training. Their mission is to enhance safety and compliance in construction, general and oil & gas industries through consultation, education, hazard control, loss prevention, and training. Trainees will repel down through the hatch on top of the container to assess a casualty inside the unit.  The deck of the shipping container is reinforced and built with a custom metal grate and removable handrail system. The Sendrex program ensures that all attendants will leave with new knowledge of how to properly assist in confined spaces with many different air quality environments. And it's just a start! RoxBox continues to work with Sendrex and do a modification for another shipping container. The second unit will have a tubular maze that trainees will have to navigate with little to no light inside. We are very excited to work on that project that helps people to assess safety, health, environmental and security risks.


A small introduction to Sendrex.


George Rex developed integrated training for safety and rescue processes while enhancing technical competencies in HAZMAT, industrial access, rig rescue, rescue at heights and confined space rescue. Since 2012 designed, implemented and directed training for an international oil & gas drilling corporation for it is Rig Rescue Training Program which includes all classroom and hands-on segments incorporating; OSHA & ANSI mandates, pall Protection guidelines and physics, industrial access (IRATA) procedures, suspension trauma drill, big rescue procedures, confined space rescue procedures, OSHA and leadership skills.


RoxBox is very proud to have worked with a 9/11 hero and build an excellent training environment for their business.