Portable Commercial Kitchen Made from Shipping Container

People who need commercial kitchen space often seek out price-friendly, environmentally sustainable and convenient options. The traditional choices just don’t meet those criteria, but shipping container kitchens do. When you choose a portable commercial kitchen built from a recycled, or in this case “up-cycled,” shipping container, there are multiple advantages.

Price and mobility are the primary benefits when you choose to buy a shipping container kitchen. It’s important to get a competitive price at the outset, but in the long run, quality and durability are key considerations. And when you want to move the kitchen from place to place, it’s wise to opt for a shipping container that allows for easy transport. Additionally, commercial food preparers need to be comfortable while doing their jobs, so containers have to allow for natural airflow and HVAC add-ons that keep interior temperatures in a defined range.

So, obviously, it’s not just about the price, even though shipping containers are the lowest-cost way to own a kitchen. It’s also about convenience, safety, environmental responsibility and much more. RoxBox can customize any of our shipping containers to help you get the exact kind of kitchen you need.

Here’s a shortlist of the advantages you get when you purchase a RoxBox shipping container kitchen:

Commercial Shipping Container Kitchen

RoxBox shipping container kitchens are:

  • Fully customizable so you can design your perfect kitchen
  • Completely hygienic space that’s simple to clean and keep clean
  • Weatherproof year-round and durable enough to prevent theft and vandalism as well
  • Able to go up quickly without the need for special construction equipment or skills
  • Easy to add to existing kitchen facilities or put up as a stand-alone unit
  • Very low-priced compared to traditional kitchen facilities
  • Simple to move in order to serve the needs of mobile food services in rural or urban settings
  • A great way to use an environmentally sound method for building a kitchen
  • 100 percent “field-ready” food units that can serve up to 200 people at a time
  • Able to meet all local and state health regulations for catering businesses and restaurants
  • Customizable with air-conditioning and heating units that you wish to add for interior comfort of food-prep staff
  • Fully insulated to keep inclement weather where it belongs, on the outside of the unit
  • Equipped with commercial lighting, plumbing, and electrical infrastructure
  • Designed to be upgraded with virtually any customization you need, like added doors, extra windows, more infrastructure and seating
  • Designed to work as permanent or temporary kitchens for all sorts of purposes
  • Disaster-ready because they can be relocated on a moment’s notice, out of harm’s way
  • A perfect way to add an aesthetic appeal to a temporary structure’s overall look

When you’re ready to select your ideal shipping container kitchen, check out what the RoxBox team has to offer. Not only do you get the only “no-leak” guarantee in the industry, but our shipping containers also come in multiple sizes depending on your commercial kitchen needs. Both the 20 by 8 and 40 by 8 flooring options come with full 8’6″ ceilings. If you want an additional 12 inches of headroom, opt for our 9’8″ high container that boasts an 8 by 40 floor for a massive 3,040 cubic feet of total interior space.

Commercial Kitchen

We’re always happy to discuss your kitchen and shipping container needs, so feel free to give us a call. Or, email us at info@roxboxcontainers.com. Let the RoxBox team make your dream kitchen a reality!