Commercial & Commissary


Inside a shipping container that is being built to be a restaurant. There are windows and countertops


  • Purpose Built and Fully customizable so you can design your perfect kitchen
  • Built to local health Code. Completely hygienic space that’s simple to clean and keep clean
  • Able to meet all local and state health regulations for catering businesses and restaurants
  • Weatherproof year-round and durable enough to prevent theft and vandalism as well
  • Rapidly Deployable without the need for special construction equipment or skills
  • Easy to add to existing kitchen facilities or put up as a stand-alone unit
  • Moderately priced compared to traditional kitchen facilities build-outs
  • Simple to move in
  • Environmentally sustainable method for building a kitchen
  • 100 percent “field-ready” food units that can serve hundreds of people at a time
  • Customizable with air-conditioning and heating units that you wish to add for interior comfort of food-prep staff
  • Fully insulated to keep inclement weather where it belongs, on the outside of the unit
  • Equipped with commercial lighting, plumbing, and electrical infrastructure
  • Designed to be upgraded with virtually any customization you need, like added doors, extra windows, more infrastructure and seating
  • Designed to work as a permanent or temporary kitchen for many applications
  • Disaster-ready, they can be deployed on a moment’s notice. Off the truck and working in 20 minutes
  • A perfect way to add modern aesthetic appeal to a temporary structure’s overall look



  • 40’ New High-Cube Shipping Container


  • Metal framing throughout the container
  • Stainless Steel Wall Coverings
  • 3” Spray foam insulation throughout container (walls, ceiling, underneath floor)
  • (2) 9’ x 4.5’ service windows with awnings
  • Interior and exterior bar tops & (1) ADA compliant service counter
  • (1) Steel door
  • Egress push bar on cargo door (interior access only)
  • Epoxy flooring with non-slip additive
  • (2) Electric heaters
  • Water storage: fresh & greywater
  • Full installation of electrical and plumbing
  • (1) Removable sign with mounting & supports
  • Exterior Paint and branding


  • 2 months


  • Purpose-Built Design
  • Modern Aesthetic
  • Secure, durable, and mobile
  • Powered by generator, grid-tied, or solar-powered
  • Climate controlled
  • Mobility- Efficient setup and take-down, off/on the truck and set up in minutes






  • Commercial Kitchen 
  • Beverage Service
  • Concessions
  • Warm Service/Commissary
  • Full-Service Restaurant
  • Take Away & Drive Through Service
  • New Location Testing
  • Your Menu your dreams!
  • Turnkey Appliances 
  • Small footprint increases land availability
  • The exterior can look like a container or regular building
  • Purpose-built mechanical, electrical, & plumbing 
  • Built to local regulations and code
  • Can be built ADA compliant 


  • Shipping container conversions evoke a visceral reaction creating memorable
    experiences that speak to audiences at a deeper level.
  • The publicity from container conversations brings in more revenue and new faces to your kitchen
  • Shipping container conversions can prove to be an affordable and expedited build option; highly adaptable to a wide variety of uses.



We take pride in getting to know our clients and their desires, so we deliver the product of their dreams! We work with our client’s ideas and imaginations to design the ideal unit.

We produce in-house construction renderings to capture the perfect design. Once the design is exactly what our clients want, we can begin construction.

During the build, our clients can follow along through our interactive project management software enabling the easy flow of communication during the entire project.

We have sound knowledge of building regulations and will provide expert guidance throughout the process!