Shipping Container Office Space. Benefits from RoxBox

Searching for office space can be disheartening due to high rents, poor availability and the typical hassle that goes with trying to find a place where you can get your work done. But when you choose a shipping container office from RoxBox, you avoid all the headaches that usually come with acquiring excellent office space. Plus, shipping containers are an environmentally sound choice because they’re recycled, durable and part of a sustainable ecosystem.

Multiple Benefits

Two of the key benefits of a container office are price and mobility. With the commercial real estate market in the midst of yet another series of price rises, shipping containers are the ideal alternative when it comes to price and many other important factors, like durability, safety, efficiency, and adaptability.

That’s right, unlike a traditional office space, a shipping container office is fully customizable from the start. Later, you can add to space and enhance it as you wish with extras like additional doors or windows, HVAC systems, unique lighting and more.

RoxBox containers are the most price-efficient way to take ownership of your office. Of course, the search isn’t only about price. There’s also safety, convenience, asthetics, functionality, comfort and much more. Here’s a brief listing of the multiple advantages you get when you choose a RoxBox shipping container office:

  • Simple, fast transportation: After your container arrives, you can move it easily to wherever you want. Plus, the smaller units don’t take up more than a standard parking space, so there’s never any worry about finding enough room to put down your new container office. Even the larger containers are simple to move to whatever location you prefer.
  • Spacious interiors: People are routinely shocked when they see how spacious container offices are. If you have ever shopped for traditional office space and walked through some of the “slivers” on the market today, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you view a customized container from the inside out. They’re roomy enough to accommodate any kind of work team.
  • The choice of temporary or permanent office space: One of the unique advantages of repurposed shipping containers is versatility. You can make them into permanent, semi-permanent or on-the-fly offices based on your changing needs, marketing strategies and customer preferences.
  • 100 percent customization before and after purchase: You make the space you want. Are you a “window person,” who prefers abundant sunlight and an open-air feel? Add as many windows and sky-lights as you desire. Likewise, if security and safety is your topmost concern, opt for a single door and no windows at all. The point is that you call the shots when it comes to design features. After all, it’s your office.
  • Environmental responsibility: Containers are the quintessential recycled items. There’s no better way to up-cycle a shipping container than to make it into an office. When you select a RoxBox container and create your own workspace with it, you put zero stress on the environment and make a clear statement about your overall business model with a sleek, eye-catching, customized container as your new office.
  • Low-cost options for new or small businesses: For budget-conscious entrepreneurs or micro-size firms who just need a space to get their company off the ground, recycled containers are the smart way to go. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save compared to traditional offices. Compare prices in your area and see why so many people are turning to containerized solutions for their companies’ space needs.
  • An attractive place to get your work done: The entire atmosphere is different in an office like this. The size and general design offer your clients and your team an attractive, efficient-looking structure that speaks volumes about the “no waste” philosophy. Customized containers are true works of art and can be as unique or conventional as you want them to be. Remember, you might be starting with a standard shipping container but you create your ideal office from the original unit. The possibilities are infinite.

Making the Decision

When you decide to move into your perfect office space, check out all the options available at RoxBox. We offer the industry’s only “no leak” guarantee on every container we sell, and units come in several sizes based on your needs: 20-by-8 and 40-by-8, both with 8.5-foot ceilings, and 40-by-8 units with a spacious 9.5-foot ceiling for a whopping 3,040 cubic feet of interior space.

Feel free to contact us at any time. You can email us at, or call us directly at 720-735-8402. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you have about your office space challenges.