BeerCan Mobile Bar

There is no better way to increase your presence and beer serving capabilities than with the BeerCan, a.k.a. the coolest mobile bar made from a shipping container.

The BeerCan is our most popular shipping container modification. 5 minute setup time and you're pouring beer, no more tents or ice buckets, your kegs stay cold for as long as you need them to. Take it to festivals and events and expand your current capacity when it's not on the road.

Rental options

1/2 day for $1200 delivery, set up, Beer gas, and cleaning included
Full day for $1500
2-4 days for $1000 day includes delivery, set up, and 2 tanks of gas. Plus extra beer gas
5+ days for $750 day. *Plus extra beer gas

The BeerCan is a mobile taproom made from a 20′ shipping container. The temperature controlled walk-in cooler keeps upwards of 26 kegs at the perfect drinking temperature 24/7.


The BeerCan can be run on-grid or by a generator, making it perfect for any event, beer garden, or back patio. The BeerCan is a fully functional mobile bar with up to 5 windows and has an optional rooftop deck. Multiple styles of tap systems are available. This eye-catching taproom is functional, sustainable, and undeniably badass.